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His Room

A Boy’s Room is a multimedia memory play based on the life of playwright, Roderick (Ricky) Woodruff. The story follows little Ricky in his bedroom attempting to put on a one-of-a-kind performance in the style of Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour. During his flamboyant pop performance, he is steadily interrupted by his inner demons, who constantly beg him to conform. At its core, A Boy’s Room is meant to disrupt, deconstruct, and ultimately dismantle toxic-masculinity that is generationally imposed on black boys. This piece will be composed of a short film, creative storytelling, original music and choreography. A Boy’s Room is Roderick’s call to action. 

Created by and starring Roderick Woodruff, A Boy’s Room is brought to life by a hand-picked team of performers, creative consultants and designers. To popularize solo performance and attract new audience members, we curate the ultimate concert. The show features a live band and background dancers. It is also supported by a short film that displays the character’s inner thoughts while he attempts to move the concert forward. Audience members are crucial in breaking theatric traditions through active participation. They are also encouraged to post, tweet and/or live record to help push the show’s narrative. Additionally, we are planning to live broadcast the piece so that the show’s targeted audience may have easy access to the performance. 

A Boy’s Room aims to educate the world [particularly black men] on the importance of embracing one’s effeminate qualities. It is our belief that by doing so, we can provide an alternative outlook on societal standards with the hope of engaging, inspiring and transforming our audience.